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Rafting is an exciting rendezvous of testing ability endurance and skill with the mighty and colossal raging rivers gushing from the majestic source of the Himalayas and then streamlining as it cascades into the river bed. Rafting in Nepal is as good as trekking to the mountain tops. Rafting is an art combined with interest, suppleness, confidence and technique makes it interesting and adventurous. Rafting also indicates safety and is of paramount importance and is taken care of sitting in quality inflatable rafts and swerving in crystal clear water of different grades and moods.

  • River Sun Koshi

    Sun Koshi River rafting is an excellent exhibition of water tributaries cascading from the world’s highest mountain range is awe inspiring and breathtaking. Sun Koshi River is revered as “The River of Gold” rises and flows from the Tibetan Plateau flowing across the great valley formed by the [Read more..]

  • Seti River Rafting

    Seti Rafting in Nepal is a multipurpose river rafting circuits and fits for all ages and walks of life. Considered and popularly known as one of the most beautiful family rafting circuits in Nepal. Seti River rafting is a perfect river circuit for those looking for a shorter version of river rafting [Read more..]

  • Tamur River Rafting

    Tamur River rafting is one of the classic rivers known and revered as “The Jewel in the East”. Tamur River rafting captivates your imagination with its sparkling waters, which cascades from the world’s third highest mountain peak Kanchanjunga rising from the eastern borders of Nepal. Tamur Riv [Read more..]

  • Trisuli River Rafting

    Trishuli River Rafting is a fantastic opportunity to raft in the trans-boundary river of central Nepal. Rafting on the Trishuli River provides awe inspiring glimpses of amazing natural and culutre diversity exciting landscapes and interesting flora and fauna. Trishuli River rafting is an ideal river [Read more..]

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